About Us

About Us

The Academy of Music at San Antonio had it’s origins when a group of dedicated music professionals came together in 2006 upon realization that there was a dearth of music educational programs in the northeast side of San Antonio. The original faculty had approximately 30 years experience between them at that time. From a modest beginning of teaching primarily guitar and bass guitar, the program has over the years expanded to include piano, voice, drums, and all band and orchestra instruments. With a faculty now having a combined 60+ years of teaching experience, The academy of Music at San Antonio is the ideal place for any student to further their musical ambitions!

Meet Our Teachers

Art Villarreal

Art Villarreal is one of our co-founders.  His primary focus is on guitar and bass.  He has been a member of many bands in San Antonio and has toured in the United States and over seas.  He many years of performance and teaching experience.  He currently has a band that performs locally.  He teaches beginner to advanced students.

Tom Lopez

Tom is one of our co-founders.  He plays most band and orchestral instruments.  He has been teaching for many years. He has taught at H&H Music, Alamo Music, Mars Music and the Judson School District Adult/Community Education, just to name a few.  He graduated from UTSA as a classical guitar principal with a degree in Music Marketing.

Oscar Peche

Oscar has been teaching at Universal City school of music since 2014.  Prior to that he was an elementary music teacher.  He teaches voice and guitar.  He graduated from UT in voice performance.

Academy of Music at San Antonio

Help students grow.  Improve your memory confidence and patience in a fun musical environment.






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Academy of Music at San Antonio 902 B-2 Pat Booker Rd.Universal City, TX 78209


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