Solo Instruments

Solo Instruments

Work on you favorite solos.  Sing your favorite songs, or play for favorite jazz or orchestral solo pieces.  Whether your a adult just wanting to learn for the sake of learning, or you are aspiring to be a professional.   We hold ourselves to the very high standards and strongly believe that music is an important part of life that will help our students in many ways.  Come in anytime and talk to us! We love to discuss what musical training you’ve already had and your goals–whether they’re to turn pro or just enjoy music for the rest of your life.

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Acoustic Guitar

Portable and fun.  Whether used at home to accompany yourself your love to play it at cookouts.  We can help you build your chops and repertoire.


Whether you want to be the next Lang Lang or Thelonious Monk, our piano program gets you up to speed fast. Learn to read music, or improve your current skills.

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Academy of Music at San Antonio

Help students grow.  Improve your memory confidence and patience in a fun musical environment.






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Academy of Music at San Antonio 902 B-2 Pat Booker Rd.Universal City, TX 78209


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