Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Want to take Guitar lessons?  Learning to play guitar can be fun and exciting but at the same time challenging.  Here we provide you with private guitar lessons in a nurturing environment that will promote your musical development.  We understand that everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds and we will adjust according to the student’s skill level.  Whether you want to learn electric guitar or acoustic guitar, whether you want to work on basic level chords or you are an advanced student looking sharpen up your musical chops, we will help. 

Reading Music

Reading music may be very foreign to many people.  We generally encourage students to read music.  However, if you are familiar with lead sheets and tablature, we can assist with that.  If you are not aware of either system don’t be alarmed.  We will familiarize you with both.  We will also teach you scales, picking techniques, how chords are built and I identifying musical patterns.

Guitar Songs

What good is it to play the guitar if we can’t have fun?  We will teach you songs by your favorite musical artist.  You will become familiar with chord charts and chord diagrams.   We will show you chord progressions and how they work. Also, we will teach you how to transpose the song just in case the song you are singing is a bit outside of your vocal range. 

Guitar Teachers

Our goal is to teach students to grow musically.  We are passionate educators that hope that the discipline of learning a musical instrument, working as a team and problem-solving skills, will affect their academic and personal parts of our students lives in a positive manner.

Academy of Music at San Antonio

Help students grow.  Improve your memory confidence and patience in a fun musical environment.






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