Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Helping students grow.  Improve your Memory, Confidence and Patience in a fun musical environment.

Singing Lessons

Want to take singing lessons?  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to start.  Most people sing with their favorite artist but when they try to sing without the vocal track, they feel a little unsure of the melody or what note to start on.  Tried watching singers teaching techniques online but you are unsure if you are really singing the way they are instructing you.  Furthermore, you don’t have anyone telling you what to change to get you closer to what is considered healthy singing.

Private Voice lessons

Private voice lessons may be the way to go.  You have one on one time with your voice instructor.  This gives you undivided attention and you can have a voice teacher giving you instruction on what you can try to get you closer to your goal.  Whether your goals is to participate in your local choir, school competition, want you join a rock band or just want to be comfortable enough to participate in karaoke, we can help.

Each student is at different skill level, age and interest so it is important as instructors to alter lessons in a way that promotes the musical growth of the student and maintains the students interest.  Singing lessons are taught through various art songs.  With these art songs we work on technique, improve vocal quality, vocal agility and vocal range.  We also, work on interpretation and expression of the song.

We will also spend time on vocal exercises that will improve your ear training, breath control and resonance.  We want your voice to last a lifetime, so healthy singing is a must for us.  So if you want to take singing lessons for a performance, audition, or for self-improvement, let us help you in your musical development.  We provide a fun and encouraging environment to help nurture your musical endeavors.

Academy of Music at San Antonio

Help students grow.  Improve your memory confidence and patience in a fun musical environment.






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